Getting Aboard, Laserbrains Are Xenial, Yay!

I’m currently setting things up and doing backups of all the Star Wars models I find on the Web. So far so good! Papercraft Museum,, Paper-Replika, Cubeecraft… Sources are abundant yet not a single one dedicates itself to the great series that is Star Wars. Especially with the new upcoming movies, it would be time for this science-fiction world to have the papercraft collection it deserves… therefore here it is: Star Wars Papercraft!

I’ve already found a few tens of models with great templates and good photos. They’re definitely models that you and me would be interested to build!

What’s getting me a little worried is copyright infringement. I know it’s ridiculous, being afraid that fan art might be flagged as counterfeit or something like that — especially since official, serious papercraft models actually don’t exist — but with the more and more strict Internet rules, it seems like that’s the new level of control that our society has reached. By browsing the Web I found lots of removed templates, allegedly because of copyright. Ironically the same authors often offer other Star Wars templates, which are apparently perfectly fine. I guess I’ll have to contact Lucasfilm to get more details. Or should I contact Disney now that it’s been acquired? I don’t even know how to reach them! I’m getting confused…


One thought on “Getting Aboard, Laserbrains Are Xenial, Yay!

  1. I have created a yt-1930 paper model that matches the scale of the yt-1300 that you find on that OTHER website, it is beautiful. I do not have a website and I’m looking for some place to post it. FREE TO ALL!


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